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AppointmentCall is a powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use automated telephone reminder and messaging service. AppointmentCall is the product to choose for delivering dynamic content to specific individuals.
   What is AppointmentCall?
AppointmentCall delivers automated telephone appointment reminders and more.  AppointmentCall can be used to remind anybody about anything, such as:
Doctor Appointments
Sales Appointments
Missed Appointments
Periodic Exams
Pet Vaccinations
Tanning Sessions
Dentist Appointments
Service Appointments
Annual Check-Ups
Oil Changes
Hair Cut Appointments
Blood Donation Appointments

Explore our Solutions pages to find more details about using AppointmentCall in your type of business.
   How Does AppointmentCall Work?
Using your data, we make phone calls with our computers and phone lines. The process is quite simple, actually.  You upload data that is exported from your scheduler, or you enter data online at  Most of our clients can create and upload their data files in just a couple of minutes every day.  As calls are processed, your results are reported real-time, accessible from any Internet-enabled PC.  There is no hardware or software to buy, and our redundant systems are far more reliable than any stand-alone purchased system.
   What Do Clients Hear?
We use customized, studio-recorded scripts for every AppointmentCall reminder.  Your clients will hear exactly what you wish.  The client's full name is included in the message using text-to-speech technology.  Your reminders can include variable data such as provider, location and type of appointment.  All you have to do is upload your data and AppointmentCall does the rest. 
   How Much Does AppointmentCall Cost?
AppointmentCall pays for itself in the first 2 or 3 days of every month.  AppointmentCall rates are based on the number of appointment reminders we process each month.  Rates start at 16.9 cents per appointment, with volume discounting to 5.99 cents per appointment.  You can determine your exact AppointmentCall cost immediately with our online Cost Calculator

If you are comparing our service-based solution to a purchased system, we offer a number of advantages to consider, such as redundancy, no maintenance fees, minimal daily staff interaction, no downtime, no local phone lines required, no training or installation expenses, no warranty or failed hardware issues, no upgrade charges, and best of all, no huge up front purchase expense. 
   When Will My Clients Be Called? How Many Times?
The AppointmentCall service is incredibly flexible.  Calling patterns are determined by your preferences, with lots of different options available.  We can call one, two or any other number of days prior to the appointment. We'll even call the day of the appointment, up to 20 minutes before the appointment time.  We typically call in the evening hours between 6 and 9 pm.  However, everything about our system can be modified to suit your particular reminder needs.  We typically make 5 attempts to reach each client, but that can be changed as well.  

You will not find another system that offers as many features with such flexibility. You will find a few cheaper options, but that is exactly what they sound like and how they perform... like cheaper systems.  Contact us about your reminder needs.  You'll be convinced that Tavoca offers the best solution at the best price, period.  

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