About Tavoca

Since 2001, Tavoca has been focussed on automated messaging solutions for healthcare, dental and other appointment-driven organizations. Tavoca was developed from the ground up as an online-based solution provider so that no hardware or software purchase is necessary.

Our messaging solutions include fully-customized professionally recorded messages that sound great and are easy for your patients or customers to understand. We stand behind our service with confidence that we will deliver superior service at hard-to-beat pricing and therefore never ask anyone to sign a contract. We're willing to earn your business every day.

Tavoca is based in Dallas, TX with clients in every US state, as well as Canada, Mexico, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The Tavoca messaging platform is 100% cloud-based in the Microsoft Azure environment. The Azure platform provides excellent up-time performance, redundancy, quick failover and recovery options, and instant scalability when needed. Tavoca's services are fully scalable from sole practitioner to nationwide enterprises. Whatever the volume and frequency of your messaging needs, Tavoca can deliver outstanding results at great rates.

Explore our Solutions pages to find more details about using Automated Messaging in your type of business.