COVID Solutions

COVID Solutions Overview

Tavoca has responded to the coronavirus pandemic in a number of ways to help our clients navigate the unprecedented challenges of these times. Below are some of the ways we can help you improve patient messaging related to COVID.

Closures and Cancellations

Unfortunately many appointments have been canceled because of COVID. As state and local governments add and remove and add back restrictions, some appointments such as elective surgery, elective procedures, and non-essential visits have been canceled by mandate. Tavoca provides last-minute notifications to help clients communicate changes of this nature in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Arrival Instructions

Some cities and states mandate masks, social distancing and other mitigation to help slow down the spread of coronavirus. Tavoca has updated messages for nearly every customer to add critical instructions, including such items as:

  • Masks must be worn at all times
  • Visitor restrictions (only one or maybe no visitors allowed)
  • Wait-in-car instead of waiting room
  • Alternative waiting area
  • Curb-side Check-in (see more below)
  • Call before visit if any symptoms of coronavirus or exposure or travel to highly infected areas

Curb-Side Check-In

  • Our reminder texting option includes two-way staff-to-patient texting as well
  • Upon arrival, patients can send texts to the same toll-free number that delivered their text reminder
  • Staff are alerted about patient texts via desktop alerts, emails, or texts to their personal mobile devices
  • Staff can then use this same feature to let patients know when to come into the office
  • Texting is often preferred over phone calls because it is so quick and easy to use
  • Plus, no new software has to be installed and no apps have to be installed and navigated by patients

Telehealth Prep and Links

COVID has triggered an astounding increase in Telehealth appointments. Tavoca has added customized reminders specific to telehealth appointments. These messages include:

  • Reminder that the visit is NOT at the clinic
  • Links to test device compatibility with telehealth platform
  • Provider-specific web links to telehealth portals
  • Instructions for patients regarding early login, virtual waiting rooms and other platform-specific features
  • Instructions regarding what to have on-hand prior to the telehealth visit
  • Secondary reminders within an hour of the scheduled telehealth appointment

Mass Messaging

Sometimes you need to notify an entire patient population of a clinic or health system about significant changes. Tavoca can deliver hundreds of thousands of messages to your patients in a controlled, managed manner spread across an appropriate delivery window. We have delivered COVID-related mass messaging for situations such as:

  • Office re-opening and availability of appointments
  • Addition of telehealth appointments as alternative option to in-person visits
  • Changes to campus-wide policies regarding masks and visitor restrictions
  • Safety video links

COVID Test Results

  • Tavoca has added coronavirus test result notifications to patients to assist health systems with high volume testing
  • Notifications can be triggerd by automated data import, manual data uploads, or by individual online patient messaging
  • Notifications indicate that test results are negative with follow-up instructions or that the patient needs to call to review results
  • We never deliver automated notifications that tell a patient they tested positive. That conversation should happen with staff

Symptom Tracking

  • Tavoca has helped a number of health systems that follow up COVID testing with additional symptom tracking
  • Symptom tracking messages are typically delivered by text and email but phone always remains as an option
  • We can send reminders with links to online symptom tracking for patients who have symptoms or tested positive for coronavirus
  • We provide campaigns to follow up with patients who tested negative but have concerns and should continue tracking symptoms