Lab Results


Stop wasting time playing phone tag with your patients. With LabResults, you can deliver your test results messages in just a few seconds per patient with our secure, HIPAA-compliant system.

Using Lab Results is quick and easy. The process is simple. Using our online tools, you add a patient message to the system. If the results are routine or if you want the patient to contact the clinic to discuss results, you select one or more pre-recorded messages and you're done in seconds. Most patient results will use pre-recorded messages. If the results require a personally recorded message, you select that option. When you are ready to record personal messages, you call the Lab Results system, enter your credentials, and the system will prompt you for any pending messages that you need to record, by patient name.

Once patient messages have been created, you have multiple delivery options. Inbound calls to a private toll-free number assigned to your account is available 24/7. The Lab Results system can also be configured to notify patients automatically that messages are ready, via email, text and/or telephone. Outbound telephone notices include the option for immediate delivery if the patient answers and provides credentials. You can choose from various credential options, such as social security number, medical record number, account number, and birth year or birth date as well.