Lab Results

Lab Results includes the following features:

Message Options
  • Lab Results includes an extensive library of pre-recorded results messages
  • Custom messages can be added easily
  • Patient-specific messages can be recorded when appropriate
  • Assigning messages for delivery is point-and-click easy
  • Patients can be assigned one or multiple messages
  • Non-English messages are optional
Delivery Options
  • A private toll-free number is assigned to your account for 24/7 inbound telephone access
  • During patient visits, patients are given a Lab Results card with the toll-free number and access instructions
  • Outbound notification that messages are ready is possible by email, text, and telephone
  • Immediate delivery by outbound telephone calls is possible when credential are supplied
  • Access to HIPAA-compliant messages requires credentials from each patient
  • Access credentials can include social security number, account or record numbers, randomly generated codes, and more