Appointment Messaging

What is Appointment Messaging?

Appointment Messaging is a suite of messaging services for all things appointment-related, including:

  • Appointment Reminders
  • No-Show Follow Up
  • Annual Exam Due Notices
  • Recalls
  • Wellness Messages
  • Balance Due Messages
  • Post-Appointment Follow Up
  • Appointment Cancellation Alerts
  • Appointments Running Behind Schedule Alerts
  • Pre-Op Instructions
  • Weather Closing Alerts
  • Disease Management Messages

Explore our Features pages to find more details about Appointment Messaging.

How It Works

Using your data, we deliver messages via telephone, text and/or email to your patients or clients. The process is quite simple, actually. You upload data that is exported from your scheduler, or you enter data online. Most of our clients create and upload their data file in just a couple of minutes every day. Many data exports can be automated. Once we receive your data, our system schedules and delivers your messages as desired. The results of your messaging is always available in online reports that are easy to use. There is no hardware or software to buy, and our redundant systems are far more reliable than any stand-alone purchased system.

What Do Patients or Customers Experience?

We use customized, studio-recorded scripts for every voice message. Texts and emails include fully customized content as well. Your patients will hear or see exactly what you wish. The patient name is included in the message using recordings from our name library or text-to-speech in the rare event we encounter a name that is not pre-recorded. Your reminders can include variable data such as provider, location, type of appointment, arrival time, appointment-specific instructions and new patient instructions. All of our messaging includes two-way interactive feedback options such as confirm, cancel, repeat and more. All you do is upload your data and Tavoca does the rest.

Why You Should Use Appointment Messaging

Appointment Messaging pays for itself in the first 2 or 3 days of every month. Appointment Messaging is appreciated by your patients and always results in fewer no-shows. Appointment Messaging rates are based on the number of appointment reminders and other appointment-related messages that we process each month. Rates start at 10 cents per appointment, with volume discounting as low as 5 cents per appointment. You can determine your Appointment Messaging cost with our online Cost Calculator. If you are comparing our service-based solution to a purchased system, we offer a number of advantages to consider, such as redundancy, no maintenance fees, minimal daily staff interaction, no downtime, no local phone lines required, no training or installation expenses, no warranty or failed hardware issues, no upgrade charges, and best of all, no hefty up-front purchase expense.

Why You Should Choose Tavoca

Since 2001, Tavoca has focussed on appointment reminders and other automated messaging solutions. We've grown to become one of the national leaders in this business. We believe that we should earn your trust and your business every day and therefore never ask you to sign a contract. We provide high quality, professionally recorded messages that make your business sound great. We offer a 30-Day Free Trial to all new customers. And we do all of that at the best rates you will find. We've got excellent online reports and we offer more customization and feature-rich solutions than any other vendor. Give us a call. Talk to some references. We're confident that you will find Tavoca to be your best option for appointment messaging.

Who Uses Tavoca Appointment Messaging?

Appointment Messaging is appropriate for any appointment-based organization of any size. Here are some of the many types of businesses that use Tavoca appointment messaging:

  • Medical Clinics
  • Dental Clinics
  • Integrated Health Systmes
  • Hospitals
  • Wellness Management Firms
  • PPOs
  • WIC Organizations
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Universities
  • Primary and Secondary Education
  • Lawn Service
  • Heat and Air Contractors
  • Blood Banks